Thanks to the large experience and know how of our technical department, we support the customer from the beginning of the project, staying at his side and planning with him, his idea.

We offer all our professionalism throughout the design phase and product development thanks to the use of constantly updated 3D modeling systems.

The right choice of material, the right engineering of the product, the right engineering of the mold, are winning options that allow reduction of costs and time of production of the new product.

The use of CAE software, precise and reliable, has become a daily work tools now essential to provide a proper analysis of the production process, making the optimization of the product and the optimization of the molds as a guarantee of high performance of quality, quantity and duration of the mold.

The full satisfaction of all the requests of the Customer is an essential factor.
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Mold design

The design of plastic molds and of zamak and aluminum die-casting molds is performed by our technicians exclusively through 3D CAD modeling software assuring the customer always the best technical solution, offering our best product and respecting the budget.

Our technical department, strong in experience and professionalism, is constantly trained in using the most advanced CAD systems and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) simulation systems. Our CAM systems are all directly connected to CNC machine tools. We design small and medium-sized molds, single and multi-mold molds for high production, multi-cavity pilot molds for low production.

We have a lot of experience in implementing innovative and performing technical solutions from the point of view of production and costs.

To speed up the mold design process and consequently the production of molds for plastics and zamak diecasting we have increased the use of high quality pre-engineered components from established suppliers, achieving the reduction of delivery cost and time.

Another advantage, not least, is the simplification of the possible maintenance operations of the molds or mold modifications that a new product may have during the startup phase.

• Experience
• Passion
• Caution
• Precision
• methodical

Process analysis

In the last years, thanks to new simulation technologies always more precise and reliable, we have introduced in the mold and component design process, the use of specific simulation software for molds both for thermoplastics and for zamak die-casting, offering our customers precise and innovative simulations for the validation and optimization of molds and components improving the use of the press.

• Adjustment operations drastically reduced as a number and as an entity
• Reduction of mold design times
• Acceleration of implementation of the correct process parameters
• Significant reduction of time to market
• Lower production molds costs
• Higher performance and better quality products.