Production of injection molds and die-casting molds

Whathever they are manufactured for, plastics or zamak or zinc alloys die-casting, they are all produced respecting the same quality and precision values, always paying high attention to the customer's requests.

The experience and professionalism of our technicians and mechanics is the beating heart of the mold production service that we offer to our customers, using CNC machines, technologically advanced, connected directly with the company computer system. Thanks to our organizational system, we are able to issue production lots of 15-20 molds at the same time, all manufactured in our factory and in full compliance with the delivery times agreed with the customer.

To perfect the service both in the production of molds for plastic materials and in the production of molds for zamak die-casting, we also offer a mold testing service, giving the customer together with the first molded parts, the dimensional control and the optimized molding cycle , in order to provide a complete, accurate, safe and reliable service.
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Production of pilot molds

When times are tight and the product uncertain, the customer can choose the pathway of the pilot mold, in order to verify the production and functional feasibility of the new product with the advantage of reducing investment risks. The customer often needs to have small production lots, perhaps first to test the market or the production process, and then for medium production. We can also build multi-impression and / or multi-cavity molds, with reduced investments, both for thermoplastic materials and for zamak die-casting.

The sectors in which we operate most are:

• electrical engineering
• electronic
• civil automation
• industrial automation
• security
• telecommunications
• automotive
• sporting goods
• furniture
• fashion
• and some others...
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